A JPEG picture is compressed to form it smaller which implies you’ll be able store more JPEG pictures on the SD card. After you open the picture using a program, the photo is decompressed once more permitting you to see it. there’s a drawback to JPEGs. The type of compression that JPEG files utilize is called “lossy compression” and, as you will have assembled from the title, in arrange to induce the estimate of the file down a few of the picture quality data is misplaced. Each camera producer has their possess identical of the Crude record, but they all work within the same way. A Raw file contains so much more image data and detail than a JPEG counting data approximately the measure of your camera sensor, your introduction settings, gap, focal point data, white adjust etc. A Raw file also contains a full-size JPEG photo that’s utilized to make that see for the screen on the back of your camera.

White Balance

White adjust is used to alter colors to coordinate the color of the light source so that white objects show up white. Subjects may be lit by a number of distinctive light sources, counting daylight, glowing bulbs, and fluorescent lighting. In spite of the fact that to the bare eye all these distinctive light sources may show up colorless, in reality they transmit light of diverse colors. The picture sensor in a computerized camera will replicate these color contrasts fair as they are, with the result that without extra preparing the color of the photo would show up to alter agreeing to the light source. Auto white adjust naturally forms the picture to evacuate undesirable color casts by, for illustration, making photos taken beneath glowing bulbs more blue to adjust the ruddy cast of this sort of lighting. Auto white adjust will create the required comes about without the picture taker having to stress approximately the sort of lighting.

Portrait Tips

a great representation draws consideration to the subject. Usually ordinarily accomplished through a few combination of a shallow profundity of field, composition, color, and lighting. When it’s done right, as before long as a watcher looks at the representation, their eyes right away settle on the subject. a great representation tells you something almost the subject. It appears a few component of their identity or their life. You ought to be able to see at a good portrait and know something around them. The finest representation craftsmen can tell a entire story in a single picture.


Word art



In this collage it shows a lot that represents a lot about me. Like it shows a few of my favorite artist which i have been listing to for a long time now, and of course mainly it’s all pink because I like a baby pink color with black too. Then you see a car which is a challenger and it’s one of my dream cars and I want to make it like that shade of pink when i get one and just customize it, then you see some memes i’m into which i think shows my humor a little, also you see some popular skater brands because I’m into skateboarding and you can see a little bit of anime that I’ve watched too and you see a gaming controller because i also like to play video games in my free time. And you see an airsolf patch because once in a while i’ll go play with my brother and his friends, and the rose there is because i really love roses. <3

Depth of Field

Whose blog is this? Where is your name?


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